Regional Pilot Program Outline

Within last 5 years:
Experience At least either 3+ years of experience as a business owner-manager, OR, 4+ years of experience as a senior manager, OR, a combination of 1+ year of experience as a business owner-manager and 2+ years of experience as a senior manager.
Net worth At least $300,000
Education Obtained a post-secondary credential, OR, experience as an active business owner-manager for at least 3 of the last 5 years with 100% ownership in the business.
Business proposal You must submit a business proposal to establish a new business in B.C. and be referred by an enrolled community.
Ownership percentage At least 51%
Investment Minimum $100,000
Job creation Must create at least one full-time equivalent job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
Location Participating communities
Exploratory visit required? Yes. You must engage and visit an enrolled community for support before registering.
Language requirement? Minimum of CLB 4 equivalent in English or French. Must submit copy of valid language proficiency test at registration.
Partner with BC PNP coregistrant allowed? No
Partner with a local business/person allowed? Yes
Registration scores Total 200 points (140 points for self-declared section; 60 points for business concept). No minimum business concept score.
Registration timeframe Registrations are scored within 4 weeks
Net worth verification Yes, you must obtain a net worth verification report if you are invited to apply.
Application timeframe Application decisions are typically made within 4 months.